•  Go the distance with a range of 100 miles
  • Intelligent Energy Management System
  • ReGen Braking - extends your battery range
  • Dual charge ports - Normal & Fast Charge
  • Advanced Telematics
    • REVive – remote emergency charge
    • Text alerts containing key vehicle information
    • Remote vehicle diagnostics


  •   Intelligent Energy Management System
    • Real time data for driving efficiency and range
    • Advanced navigation system
    • Bluetooth and MP3 Connectivity
  •   Eco-Check
    • A monthly report that includes tips to improve
    • driving efficiency is emailed to you
  •   Keyless entry and operation
  •  Climate control seats


  • Fully Crash Tested - Highway Safe
    • A high strength steel space frame construction
    • Driver / passenger airbags; impact sensing door
    • unlock
    • ISOFix child seat mount
    • A large front crumple zone and side impact beams

What our clients say

I love the way the my new car drives. Dead quiet, instant power to burn, and solidly built.

Amber L. Gonzalez, Systems programmer

I charge at home and contract with a local provider so my electricity usage is all offset with locally generated wind power. I am driving on the wind and I love it!

Erica E. Wroblewski, Educational consultant

These save a ton in fuel and maintenance, emission checks and lines. Electric is my new way to drive.

Jack D. Jones, Soil conservationist

Dear Gasoline, Thank you for all the high times but to be honest, you stink! Since we now fuel our electric cars from in our own backyard, without pollution, wars or guilt, I think it is time we part ways. Dear Internal Combustion Engine, thank you for the road-side education in auto mechanics but my family and I have moved on.

Jennings, Motorboat operator

About Us

An electric car such as Bannon is a great way for you to not only save money, but also help contribute towards a healthy and stable environment.

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