Text alerts
Your vehicle can notify you on your cell phone with key information such as range available, cabin temperature and time to full charge.


Pre-heat and Pre-cool
Send a text message to pre heat or pre cool the car so that you have the perfect cabin environment when you are ready to drive.


A monthly report on your driving habits is emailed to you, This contains tips on how you can improve your efficiency, through for example, increased use of regenerative braking.


Ask your vehicle to tell you when your insurance is due for renewal and when your annual service is due.



Remote emergency charge - A unique solution to range anxiety.
If you run low or out of charge, simply call or text our call center and the advanced telematics feature will remotely assess the battery pack and release a reserve amount of energy in to the batteries, that'll let you continue on your way.



Intelligent Energy Management System
A proprietary IEMS with integrated thermal battery management provides enhanced efficiency and reliability.

Our Skills

No Emissions
Safe to Drive
Reduced Noise Pollution
Fuel Economy


About Us

An electric car such as Bannon is a great way for you to not only save money, but also help contribute towards a healthy and stable environment.

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