Smooth acceleration and boost mode
The NXR's high torque motor delivers a top speed of 65 mph (104 km/h). A Boost mode provides short bursts of extra power.


Dual charge ports
The NXR offers both Normal and Fast Charge options. While Normal Charge is ideal for overnight charging (6 hours), the optional external Fast Charge station gives you 40 km (25 miles) in just 15 minutes and a full charge in 1.5 hours.


Go the distance
With a range of 160 km, the vehicle is good for 97% of all journeys you'll ever make. The optional solar roof will add additional km using free energy from the sun.


ReGen braking
In addition to mechanical braking, regenerative braking extends your range by putting energy back into your batteries, every time you slow down.


Costs practically nothing
For the price of a couple of tanks of petrol, you can commute all year long. Leave fuel costs in the past, where they belong.

Intelligent Energy Management System
A proprietary IEMS with integrated thermal battery management provides enhanced efficiency and reliability.



Certified safe
The NXR is an M1 category, fully crash tested, highway safe car with:
  • A high strength steel space frame construction
  • Driver and passenger airbags; impact sensing door unlock
  • ISOFix child seat mount
  • A large front crumple zone and side impact beams
  • Dent proof body panels


Light it up
The NXR's focus beam headlights (a first in its class) provide unparalleled road visibility whilst the LED tail lamps are designed to save energy.



Enough room and more
The NXR is a 3 door family hatchback, designed to seat four adults comfortably.


Climate control seats
With individual controls on every seat, the NXR's optional CCS deliver noticeably cool or warm air to passengers within 30 seconds of activation for just one tenth of the power it takes to run the air conditioner.


Keyless entry and operation
The smart key fob you carry lets your vehicle sense your presence, unlocking and preparing the car for travel, even as you approach.


Know it all
An easy to read intelligent instrument display provides key data such as range available, speed and driving efficiency, that is updated almost in real-time. The optional satellite navigation system guides you all the way.


Easy to drive
Completely automatic, it is just as easy to park as it is carve through city traffic. With a turning radius of just 3.9 m it is easy to manoeurve on narrow city streets.


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